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We have recently obtained permission to share some helpful videos on The Global Health Network. The videos are taken from a series of eSeminars produced by QSR International. QSR are the developers of the Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis software NVivo, which is now available for both Windows and Mac. You can find more QSR eSeminars and other guidance videos on their YouTube channel.

1. Introduction to NVivo 10 for Windows

 If you are not familiar with conducting qualitative analysis using NVivo you may find this brief introduction to NVivo 10 useful:

  2. Organising your research with NVivo

It the following seminar Pat Bazeley and Kristi Jackson talk through how successfully organise a research project using NVivo:

3. Progressive focusing and Trustworthiness

 In the following eSeminar Prof Rufolf Sinkovics and Dr Eva Alfoldi discuss Progressive focusing and trustworthiness in qualitative analysis using NVivo. This seminar covers many of the fundamental principles of qualitative research.

 4. Applying NVivo to a PhD

 If you are currently in the process of conducting or planning a PhD, you may find the following eSeminar useful. It talks through how NVivo can help you throughout the PhD process through using the NVivo toolkit.

 5. A practical example

 The following eSeminar by Phil Stokes demonstrates the practical application of NVivo in a research project:


 6. Coding audio files

The following video provides a short tutorial on coding audio or video files in NVivo directly: