We have put together a collection of eleven sessions (each session includes a brief introduction, PowerPoint with key information and suggested further readings) to help guide researchers through qualitative and participatory research studies. The overall aim of these sessions is to blend the theory and practice of undertaking qualitative and participatory research. (Click on a title below to navigate to the article session).

Session 1: Introducing research paradigms

Session 2: Planning and designing qualitative research

Session 3: Introduction to the range of qualitative research methods and techniques

Session 4: Introduction to qualitative research interviews

Session 5: Introducing focus group discussions

Session 6: Trust worthiness sampling and ethics in qualitative research

Session 7: Observation

Session 8: Using participartory methods in health research

Session 9: Analysis of qualitative data

Session 10: Presenting qualitative data

Session 11: Using Gender Analysis within Qualitative Research