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Festival of Social Sciences - UK

started by The Editorial Team

The ESCR's Festival of Social Science 2019 will run from 2-9 November 2019, with events being held across the UK. Events will cover a wide range of topics. The call for the ...

5 years ago

Reflections on an intersectionality training: experiences from KEMRI

started by The Editorial Team

Social scientists at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust research programme in Kenya meet every year or so to share ideas, learning and careers. Our 10th meeting was a three-day gathering themed around power and ...

5 years ago

Introduce yourself

Hayat Ali Yousefzai commented:

I was born on the 1st of April 1989 and obtained a Degree in Biological Sciences and Master Degree in Psychology as part of a Department of Psychology and University of Peshawar ...

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Trials journal seeks papers on the topic: Building capacity for evidence informed trial management

Trials invites you to submit to our new thematic series, ‘Building capacity for evidence informed trial management’.   The Editors ...

6 years ago • 2 comments (Last comment: 4 months ago)

12 top tips for writing a grant application from the MRC

Sitting down to write a grant application? Recently submitted a proposal or been successful in the last MRC board round? ...

6 years ago • 3 comments (Last comment: 5 months ago)

Basic Health Needs in Relation to Human Rights in a Global Health Crisis

Author: Mercury Shitindo, Africa International University - Kenya, & Anahuac University-Mexico   Introduction   How does one determine what are basic ...

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Clinical Data Management

Why does the industry require Clinical Data Management?The industry requires Clinical Data Management because drugs, treatment methods, vaccines etc. ate ...

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Lassa Fever outbreak! Any research response?

Since 1968, Lassa fever has been a scourge. The fire keeps burning unabated. There is currently another outbreak. But the ...

6 years ago • 1 comment (Last comment: 9 months ago)