We are part of a group of social scientists conducting a range of health-related studies in Kilifi, on the Coast of Kenya, as part of the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme. We had been interested for a while in sharing practical ideas on how to move through that often mysterious phase in qualitative work from vast volumes of digital interview recordings, to useful outputs. So when we realised Prof Sally Theobald from the Liverpool School was coming on holiday in May 2018, we leapt on the chance to involve her in a workshop. Following a walk through and discussion of the qualitative analysis presentation available on this website, Nadia Tagoe summarized a recent paper on generalizability in qualitative studies. These introductory sessions provided a backdrop to the rest of the day, where each team or individual provided a brief introduction to their study, followed by a detailed overview of their analytical approach. There is a limit in what can be shared in a one day workshop, but we thought others might be interested in our top tips on the following topics. We would love to hear from others – please add new tips or topics from your own contexts, and please share your own or others’ papers that you think would be useful to others.

Click the links to access the report from each section of the workshop. We hope you enjoy the resources and find them useful!


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