Any kind of investigation must have a focus for its activities. In qualitative research this should take the form of a broad aim, followed by specific objectives. As qualitative research is often an iterative process, these can be re-developed as you move through the project. However, for planning and developing a qualitative research project, these are important starting points.

This session provides a guide for planning and designing a qualitative research study and has the following objectives:

  • To demonstrate how to use a simple planning framework
  • To show how to select, analyse and formulate a statement for a research problem
  • To provide a guide for formulating a research aim and objectives

You can download the powerpoint here and some key definitions here.

Recommended reading:

Varkevisser CM, Pathmanathan I, Brownlee A (2003) Designing and Conducting Health Systems Research Projects, Volume I: Proposal Development and Fieldwork, Part I: Proposal Development and Fieldwork, KIT Publishers, Amsterdam / International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada/ World Health Organization, Geneva. pp 27-46.