The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly shifted how social science data is and can be collected and has raised serious questions around participation, ethics and safeguarding in social science research.

Here on the Global Health Social Science website, we will be focussing on the specific
challenges of conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic for the immediate future.
We hope to collate useful resources on this topic as well as providing a platform for users to
share their experiences and resources.

To start this process, here are three sets of resource lists on remote data collection that you
might find helpful.

The first comes from the GCRF ARISE Hub, who have compiled a list of resources on remote
data collection in general, ethical concerns, ethnography and phone and Skype interviews.

The second is from the ODI. This live list of resources covers remote participatory research,
practical guidance and ethical issues and also provides a list of repositories at other organisations.

Finally, the Geography Department at the University of Cambridge have compiled a list of
resources for remote research in Human Geography. The resource provides useful
overviews and lists of introductory reading on a range of qualitative methods, which would be
helpful to researchers in other social science disciplines far beyond geography.

Do you know of any resources not on these lists which you think would be useful to the
Global Health Social Science community? If so, please share them on the discussion board. We will then use your suggestions to compile a new list of resources.

Is there anything in particular you would like us to feature on the site over the coming
weeks and months? If so, add your suggestions to the discussion board and we will do our

Would you like to write something for the site? If so, get in touch with the editors.


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