QUESTS is an initiative which aims to maximise the value of qualitative research in trials, helping us understand the intricacies of the clinical trials process through qualitative methods.
Since its inception in 2016, QUESTS has held a very successful webinar series. Initially targeting speakers from within the group, we are now issuing an open call for proposals for 2018/2019 webinars. At least two webinars are held each Semester and are an hour in length. They are delivered to up to 100 registrants, with technical support provide by the QUESTS team. Webinars are advertised widely (nationally and internationally) by QUESTS, are recorded and made available on the QUESTS YouTube channel. 
We are seeking proposals from individuals/research teams to host future QUESTS webinars. Webinars must be relevant to qualitative research in trials; proposals focused on mixed methods are also welcome.
DEADLINE 12 April!
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Please include the following details in your proposal and submit it to Marita Hennessy via email to


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